The Magic of the Mountains!


with nationally known television entertainment reporter

David Sheehan

This is a proposal for a one-hour TV special exploring the sights and sounds of an easily accessible series of mountain ranges that seem to be vibrating to an ancient frequency.

It's a frequency that can truly touch and inspire and even heal the heart of any traveller open to a marvelous kind of awesome scenery that can be deeply felt through the eyes and the ears on an unforgettable train ride, and through the physical connectedness of hiking the mountain trails adventurers of virtually any age can enjoy.

The television rendition of the experience will recreate this unusual adventure with the camera following our every move — on the rails, on the trails, seeing the mountains and then being a part of the mountains, while meeting fascinating people along the way, from the talented young staff of railroaders in attendance on the train to the people of small mountain towns and more than a few meditators seeking a stillness and serenity only the mountains can provide.

The trip begins in Vancouver British Columbia after a very special walk n' hike through the green expanse of Stephen's Park and then along the English Bay seashore and its foot-traffic-only curvatures, with the islands of the bay beckoning in the distance.

But we're only here briefly for invigoration and then rest, because the next morning it's rise and shine at 6am and to the Vancouver train station for the 7am departure of The Rocky Mountaineer - a totally unique railroad experience on specially designed observation cars with glass domes and an expert staff of attendants ready to serve any need and comment in story-telling style on the landmarks as we pass them by.

After pulling out of the Vancouver area and its big city environs we almost immediately begin the ascent to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, from the lush green fields of the Fraser River Valley through forests and winding river canyons surrounded by the peaks of the Cascade Mountain range which will lead us to The Rockies.

Along the way there will definitely be sights to see, such as the totally turbulent rushing waters of what is called “Hell’s Gate” because of its demonic history of crashing riverboats and drowning their sailors, and the steep slopes and rock sheds along the Thompson River, which is home for numerous logging operations that go whizzing by as the train travels on.

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David Sheehan

David Sheehan is currently one of the most successful producer-hosts in syndicated television, with three specials covering movies and movie stars airing on more than 200 stations every year.

“Summer Movie Magic”, “Holiday Movie Magic” and “Academy Awards Movie Magic” give a three-way overview of the performances, the personalities and the pictures dominating each season.

All three are produced by Sheehan’s production and distribution company Hollywood Close-Ups, Inc.

David Sheehan has been a trail-blazer in the world of broadcasting for the past 30 years.  On KCBS-TV, he was the first reviewer/interviewer on a daily local newscast, then the first commentator to ever critique television on television, drawing “biting the hand” feature articles in both Time and Life magazines.

Sheehan was also the first local newsman to ever work for two networks simultaneously: “America Alive” on NBC and “The Big News” on CBS.

Jack Nicholson - David SheehanAlso at NBC, Sheehan was the first local entertainment reporter to host and produce his own series of network specials, including “Macho Men of the Movies” and “Hollywood’s Leading Ladies”. He likewise served as host on a variety of NBC network specials for the Dick Clark Company, “The Sensational Seventies” and “The Oscar Race” among them.

At HBO, he hosted and produced the first Pay-TV monthly series in history, “Backstage in Hollywood”.

Sheehan produced and camera-directed “Pippin” (with Bob Fosse directing the performances and choreography)---the first Broadway musical ever captured by cameras during live stage performance, for Pay-TV, cable TV and home video.

Sheehan worked at KCBS-TV until 1984,  moved to KNBC-TV from ‘84 to ‘94, and finished up back at KCBS-TV from 1994 to 2004.  Since then, he has devoted his time to his three annual syndicated specials.

David Sheehan also made a mark in live theater as the producer-director of the West Coast Premiere of “An Albee Almanac” by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Edward Albee, and the West Coast Premiere of “Little Murders” by noted cartoonist/playwright Jules Feiffer. And, Sheehan is the author of one published novel “Before I Wake”.

He is the father of three children: his son Brian is the owner of the Eclectic Wine Bar & Grill in North Hollywood; his daughter Shannon is a Los Angeles real estate developer; and his daughter Kelly is a recording studio producer/engineer and singer-songwriter.

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